Minply:Best Choice for Flexible Materials

Minply Introduction


Minply has been devoted on manufacturing and selling a variety of customized or standard Roll-to-Roll related components or systems in order to provide Roll-to-Roll total solution.

Our products can be applied on slitting, winding, laminating, extruding, coating and gravure printing machines, even on other auxiliary equipment. All film-like material, which is manufactured by Roll-to-Roll technical, can be our object material, such as paper, polymer films, rubber, textiles and foils.

By using our web guiding systems (Edge Position Control), tension control systems, AC/DC motor control systems, with our mechanical components (shafts, chucks, rollers, expanders, brakes and clutches) , re-winding/ un-winding system is established with satisfying winding result.

Besides the perfect winding, inspection system is also available, it increases yields and avoid excessive cost, the inspection systems can be applied on both non-transparent and transparent materials.

We are growing with customers and have been provided Roll-to-Roll solutions more than 30 years.

Total Roll-to-Roll solution is all what we have offered all the time.

Most Integrated Professional Roll-to-Roll for Every you!

Minply History

Company Name:Minply Tech. Co.,Ltd

Address:No.17, JingKe N. Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung city 40852, Taiwan(R.O.C)

President:Hsihsun Chien

1987.Nov. - The birth of Minply

2004. April - Minply Tech. Co.,Ltd

2005.Nov - Minply Ind.Co., Ltd 

2014.Feb.- Move to Precision Machinery Park

Products and Service

  Roll to Roll SolutionRoll to Roll total solution 相關卷對卷產品及流程示意

Web Handling Components

Air Shafts

Air Chucks

Differential Shafts

Polymer Band Strip Expanders

Aluminum Slat Expander

Safety Chucks

Web Control Systems

Powder Brakes/Cluches

Air Brakes

Hydraulic Web Guide Control Systems

Electric EPC/LPC Systems

Electropneumatic Transducer

Quality Inspection Systems

    Registration Control Systems

    Web Inspection Systems

    Print Quality Inspection Systems

    Plain Web Inspection Systems

Other R2R Design and Machineries

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